Tab 5S Up video entryphone

Your life is always connected

Vimar presents Tab 5S Up, the Due Fili Plus connected video entryphone with 5’’ touch display, which gives you the chance to communicate with outside the house remotely too, in total safety.


A real concentration of technology, as well as elegance. Tab 5S Up is incorporated lightly into any wall, delicately into any setting thanks to the silhouettes that blend in seamlessly with the transparency of the glass cover with a bright white finish. The colour display frames a high definition image (800 x 480 pixels) of who’s ringing at your door, while the user-friendly graphic interface grants access to the smart menu with scrolling pages and selectable black or white background. The capacitive keyboard with touch controls featuring intuitive icons and LED backlighting completes it all.

Multi-system and multi-user

The strength of this innovative video entryphone lies in the restyled Video Door App, which - in just a few steps - can be used to configure it and easily and safely manage up to 5 different video door entry systems: for instance, your main home, your holiday home, the office and your relatives’ homes too. And calls can be forwarded to up to 10 different users. To enjoy life and get out and about freely and with peace of mind, without ever losing sight of what’s going on in your space.

Icona Multimpianto Vimar Casa Mia

My house

Icona Multimpianto Vimar Casa Mare

Seaside home

Icona Multimpianto Vimar Ufficio


Icona Multimpianto Vimar Casa Genitori

Parents’ house

Icona Multimpianto Vimar Casa Suoceri

In-laws’ house

Your spaces with you and at your fingertips, any time

Using the App, you can also make calls to and from the associated mobile device. Immediate and direct dialogue with your home, but also with your loved ones who, if they need help, can call your smartphone directly from the video entryphone. But also opening the entrance gate: when you’re not at home, but you need to let someone onto your property, a simple tap on your smartphone or tablet and the problem is solved.
Similarly, if you’re not at home or on holiday, simple touch your mobile device to activate the sprinkler system in the garden, open the garage and doors, turn on the lights along the path, view the images of the cameras associated with the system or activate the video entryphone camera, without anyone ringing at the door.

Videocitofono Tab 5S Up Chiamata Intercomunicanti

Intercom calls

Videocitofono Tab 5S Up Vimar Apertura Cancello

Opening the entrance gate

Videocitofono Tab 5S Up Vimar Attivare Irrigazione

Activating auxiliary functions

Videocitofono Tab 5S Up Vimar Vimar Controllo Telecamere

Controlling the cameras

Maximum installation flexibility

With Tab 5S Up, even installation offers maximum flexibility, thanks to three alternative modes: surface mounting, with wall plugs or using a flush mounting box; semi-flush mounting, to obtain a protrusion from the wall of just 13.1 mm; and table mounting, thanks to a dedicated base.

Also ideal for updating or refurbishing existing Due Fili Plus systems (in fact, simply replace your old video entryphone using the existing cables), Tab 5S Up completes a comprehensive range of video door entry indoor stations that includes the Tab 7, Tab 7S, Tab 4.3” and Tab Free versions.

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