Telephone switchboard art. 3511: How is the “Follow Me” service programmed and how are the controls activated remotely?

The telephone number is programmed on the switchboard as follows:
R * * * 12 * (telephone or mobile phone number) *

Remote controls:
Call the switchboard 3511 from a remote telephone, wait for at least 5 rings to allow the call to be forwarded. After the fifth ring, a beep sounds indicating that the system password (1234) can be keyed in, followed immediately by the number:

0 = continue the conversation for another 30 seconds.

1 = activates the door lock release for a few seconds (auxiliary 1)

2 = activates an impulse to open the gate (auxiliary 2)

3 = activates an impulse to turn on the stair light (auxiliary 3)

4 = activates auxiliary 4

5 = deactivates auxiliary 4

*= activates remote control

#= deactivates remote control

When operating the telephone switchboard 3511 with the "Follow Me" service activated, it is possible to perform the auxiliary activation controls only after the first minute of audio connection and after the beep indicating continuation of the conversation.