The Netsafe offering grows

Vimar Cablaggio strutturato edifici: L'offerta Netsafe cresce

Total Connectivity with Netsafe.

To meet the latest connectivity demands of buildings Vimar has increased its fibre-dedicated Netsafe offering with a new and even more advanced range of products.

Developed to meet the new CEI 306-22 regulation and Law 164/14 on residential structured cabling for FTTH (Fibre to the Home), these devices enable creating fibre-optic connections to the single dwelling units, ensuring the highest transmission speed.

An offering composed of several interdependent and interconnected elements creating a multi-service infrastructure. The Building Optical Services Centre (BOSC) for example is the system's core, it manages all the fibres relating to the optical services from the head terminal (the point where the signals of the upper part of the building converge) and from the telcos for the ultra-wideband connection. From the BOSC the fibre cables branch out towards each dwelling, ending in Apartment Optical Termination Boxes or (AOTB).


Vimar Netsafe: con la fibra ottica e il cablaggio in rame la connettività è totale

Inside the dwelling, the signal spreads out and reaches the single appliances connected in each room thanks to the distribution board (QSDA). It is the core of home connectivity, in which perspex pockets house the active equipment used to distribute the network signals (such as routers, media converters or network switches), and the inclined patch panel moreover allows easy insertion of the connectors ensuring excellent performance and a perfect connection to the data sockets in the various rooms.   

Featuring a design with attention paid to every detail, it is ideal for any living space, also thanks to the white colour that helps camouflage it on the wall.

The Netsafe offering is also extended thanks to the introduction of new RJ45 connectors and socket outlets, category 6A cords and cables, HDMI socket outlets with a 90° cable outlet and new enclosures and cabinets for maximum installation flexibility.


Vimar Netsafe: Eikon 20648.C10 - Placca Classic 3M BS argento metal
Vimar Netsafe: Arké 19683.64 - Placca Round 3M Reflex oltremare
Vimar Netsafe: Plana 14653.72 - Placca 3M verde metallizzato
Vimar Netsafe:cavo in fibra ottica multimodale 03118.SC 	Pigtail SC

The Vimar solutions thus create a true multi-service system so that with a single infrastructure you can manage all those services that usually require installing a specific system: telephony, satellite TV, terrestrial TV, Internet, video-surveillance, video door entry system, etc.

Netsafe devices, besides being able to perfectly match the Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana residential series, stand out for their rapid installation, certified quality and safety, thanks to a warranty of as long as three years, one more than the law requires.

Finally, all the copper and fibre-optic cables of the Netsafe data system and of the entire Vimar offering, as of 1 July 2017, comply with the CEI Unel 35016 standard that, on the basis of the CENELEC and CEI installation regulations, fixes the fire reaction classes in relation to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (EU 305/2011).


Vimar Netsafe - impianto multiservizio: telefonia, TV satellite, TV terrestre, internet, videosorveglianza, videocitofonia

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