The quest for safety

The Sicury patent

We were in full economic boom, Italy was quickly changing:  innovation was the way to grow, and Vimar invented something really new too.  It was an idea that revolutionized the safety of the electric installation and the socket safety system.  It was a mechanism that closes automatically when the plug is pulled out and prevents accidental contact with live parts. 

It became a market standard

The patent was filed on March 15th 1968, but soon the company decided to allow it to be used free of charge by all operators in the sector.  In this way the Vimar invention became a market standard and the life of children and parents a little safer.

But the research continued

In 1975 Vimar filed the first patent for a multistandard socket outlet:  Bpresa, a  universal socket outlet, that is it is able to accept plugs of different standards. A solution that responds to the evolution of an increasingly more open market.