The View App by Vimar

App View Vimar

A single App to manage Vimar’s connected devices and professional systems

The View App has been revamped and has become the one and only application to manage Vimar’s connected devices and professional systems (connected system, home automation system, burglar alarm system, video door entry system and connected surface mounting thermostats).

Featuring brand-new icons and graphic interface but above all novel features which make for a super-simple user experience: an evolution that makes it all the more user-friendly, offering customers the chance to have a single tool to manage an array of functions.

App View Multischermate

User-friendly graphics

The graphics are innovative and user-friendly; the interface has been completely restyled; 4 definite entry points grant access to the 4 sections, organised as follows: objects, rooms, events, settings; there’s also the possibility of using two different skins, in black or white. The favourites are still in the foreground, for direct access from any screen. The icons are totally interactive and communicative, and thanks to the use of dynamic colour and transitions from 2D to 3D, they help users immediately and simply recognise the activation of the function, with the differentiated management of actions also according to whether they are short or long pressed.

App View Skin Chiaro Scuro

Control and interaction on devices and systems

By using the application, the user can have complete control of and interact with the devices and systems in their home; the View App also gives users the chance to have immediate access also to all the information about electricity consumption, with complete graphs that are easy to read and interpret and with the possibility of checking energy consumption and production in real time, a topic that is increasingly becoming essential to people’s lives.

App View Bilancio Energetico

User-friendliness and integration of new functions

The View App will continue to be the App which manages the By-me Plus system; what’s more, it has been integrated with the video door entry system functions of the Video Door App, including the management of up to 10 mobile devices and up to 5 different systems, extending its compatibility with all Due Fili Plus and IP connected video door entry systems. With the upgraded View App, security can also be managed thanks to the new By-alarm Plus burglar alarm system, which Vimar launched on the market in recent days.

The App interface has been adapted to various types of systems, from the simplest, with just a few functions (for instance, only connected video door entry system or connected temperature control) to the most sophisticated, with a larger number of devices and functions; it is a user-friendly, flexible and straightforward tool which adapts to a wide variety of requirements and situations.

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