Touch screen video entryphone with SIP technology

A new and elegant touch screen video entryphone with SIP technology (Session Initiation Protocol) is now available. This is the most popular protocol on the VOIP telephony business market to establish audio or audio-video communication sessions between SIP devices, also offering the opportunity to include phone calls via the Internet (VOIP).

Posto Interno SIP Reception Vimar

Ideal for all those architectural contexts, from large residential buildings to the advanced service industry, which require specific technological performance levels, the new video entryphone stands out for its large 7 inch display with customisable background, a modern and straightforward graphic interface, 5 soft touch keys quickly to activate the main functions with the possibility of customising some. Easy to install - wired connection or via Wi-Fi - it is simple to programme, since you can operate directly on the device or via the dedicated web page. Its elegant and modern design also enhances the appeal of the most sophisticated domestic settings where integration with SIP devices is required.

As regards the functions, the video entryphone allows you to liaise with other indoor stations, softphones, outdoor entrance panels and switchboards, all based on SIP protocol; to receive pictures in streaming from the IP CCTV cameras, the activation of actuators for the management of functions such as stair lights, gates, locks, sprinkler systems, to name but a few.

The fixing bracket is designed for a generous 4 different mounting possibilities: free surface mounting, with 4 screws and wall plug; in a 3-module mounting box with 83.6 mm distance between centres; in round mounting boxes with 60 mm distance between centres; on a dedicated desktop base.

The new video entryphone completes the current range of dedicated video door entry devices, suitable for application in those contexts where a SIP server is present, including an electronic unit for audio/video entrance panel which can be combined with Pixel and Pixel Heavy modular video door entry entrance panels and is already integrated in the Pixel Up monobloc entrance panel.

Videocitofono SIP Vimar

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