TownHouse Duomo, Milan

The beauty of Eikon at the TownHouse Duomo, for seven-star luxury

The first and only Seven-star luxury hotel in Piazza del Duomo reveals all its charm. Located in a fabulous historical building looking over the heart of Milan, the 14 rooms and suites of TownHouse Duomo were not only furnished by top Italian designers but also have a private balcony with breathtaking views of the square and the cathedral.

Created by a team of professionals working with the common goal of enhancing this historical building under the supervision of the Milan Fine Arts Department, every Suite was designed individually, a unique piece, an authentic work of art. The materials used include precious fabrics and furnishings, while the throughout the hotel the most advanced technologies were fitted to ensure the best possible comfort for the guests, in a unique blend of luxury, style and technology.

Technologies like those by Vimar, which with the devices from the Eikon series have perfectly captured the needs of this demanding and sophisticated customer.

Seductive from the very first glance, the lines of Eikon Tactil, for example, bring life to a bright smooth glass surface, able to enhance the interiors of this exclusive hotel. Beneath this stylish material there are the Vimar KNX commands. As soon as they are touched, a proximity sensor detects the device and activates the built-in RGB LED backlighting. Activating them then requires just a light touch, which the sophisticated touch technology transforms into direct energy control.

Working with the exclusive Tactil range are the sophisticated lines of Eikon Evo. Shapes that are designed to catch the eye, in sizes that are unobtrusive on the wall, ultra-thin profile. The Eikon Evo cover plates underline the prestige of the materials and how they are processed, offering a beautiful chromed frame for buttons and commands and enhancing the four variants chosen in this case: grey quartzite stone, bronze-finish mirror crystal, silver ice crystal and diamond white crystal. The strength of stone is thus alternated with the brightness of crystal.

At the TownHouse Duomo, everything has been studied down to the finest detail to offer guests an unforgettable stay, right in the beating heart of Milan, accompanied by the exclusive charm of the Vimar Eikon series.

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