Use of the trademark

Marchio Vimar in positivo

Basic guidelines for correct usage.

The Vimar trademark is composed of three elements:

  • the symbol,
  • the "VIMAR" logotype,
  • the "positive energy" payoff.

These three elements must always be reproduced together. Sizes, distances, quantities and type of font used are mandatory data. The positive versions, for presentation on white or clear backgrounds, and the negative ones, for black or dark backgrounds, are graphically different.

Use of the trademark

Vimar promotes usage of the trademark by customers in all uses aimed at communicating commercial cooperation between the parties.

The Vimar trademark is registered with its graphics and colours. Therefore it cannot be used without Vimar’s prior written approval for a specific request.

Vimar Corporate Identity2.06 M10/11/2016
Vimar marchio storico
Vimar simbolo logotipo
Marchio Vimar in negativo