Video Door IP Manager

The IP video door entry system configuration software enables configuring the system with a PC and updating the device firmware, with the autodiscovery function of the installed IP devices via a quick and functional step-by-step process.

Software Video Door IP Manager (vers. 0.77.2.exe) OLD18.307 kB17/03/2021
Installation and user manual1.886 kB23/07/2020
Video door ip manager vimar software

IID Activation Code

The IID code (alphanumeric with 32 characters) activates the Video Door IP Manager.
It is needed when first starting up the program, after the installation procedure.
You need to enter it in the specific field on the Welcome screen.
To obtain it you need to log in with your Company profile on MyVIMAR.

Video door ip manager vimar benvenuto iid