View Pro

The View Pro App enables the configuration of the integrated system View IoT smart systems and the programming of the whole under-system By-me Plus thanks to easy guided steps and an intuitive interface.

In this section, it is possible to download firmwares and Apps of the IP devices (gateway and video touch screens) for the update on the EDGE of non-connected systems (offline). 


User manual View App10.88 M02/03/2022
Installer manual By-me Plus Systems21.22 M03/12/2021
Installer manual View IoT Smart Systems9.52 M07/12/2021
List of By-me products compatible with View Pro77.34 K30/11/2020
Installer manual Logic editor13.44 M03/08/2021

(*) The firmware version 03.03.046 can be installed on devices with version 03.02.033 and above.
In the event of previous versions, you first need to install version 03.02.033