Village Hotel Sentosa, Singapore


Village Hotel Sentosa

The newest addition to the Far East Hospitality Hotel’s portfolio, Village Hotel Sentosa, offers a unique experience for different types of accommodation. An opportunity to discover the immense culture and the heritage of Singapore. A welcoming hotel of 606 rooms designed with light colours to recall nature. From the design to the atmosphere until the choice of furniture, Village Hotel Sentosa suggests a unique offer on this island with new services and activities.

Cover plates, socket outlets and controls from the Eikon Total Look series were chosen to provide safe access to electricity in all rooms and places. The highest expression of simplicity, to offer comfort without compromises.  Eikon Total Look expresses a beauty that turns elegance into its strength. Buttons and devices are perfectly coordinated with cover plate’s colour and with the frame around them, enhancing the monochromatic style. With shapes that, in the Classic version, turn up to be clear, sharp and linear.

Eikon devices ensure maximum elegance and comfort. A wide range of sockets – from the specific ones for razors to the ones for smartphones – meets any kind of functional demand. Thanks to a perfect energy control, Eikon commands can measure perfectly the lighting, enhancing the fascinating elements that permeate the whole structure.


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