Vimar at Médinit EXPO 2018

From 24th to 26th October, Vimar will be at Médinit EXPO (Casablanca, Espace Orion, Hotel Sofitel Tour Blanche, Booth B5) the showcase for Italian excellence in the construction, design and technology sector for interior design.

For Vimar, the exhibition represents an opportunity to present major product innovations, designed to respond to the latest interior design trends, which favour natural materials, subtle contrasts and warm pastel shades.

With 9 subsidiaries around the world, a presence in over 100 different countries and products in the most common international standards, the company could not fail to play a part in an exhibition that involves around 100 brands representing Italian design excellence (interior/exterior design and furnishings, decoration, lighting, etc), all showcasing their wares to a selection of sector professionals (architects, engineers, importers, construction companies), from Morocco and other counties too.


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