Vimar celebrates 30 years of KNX Association

Knx 30 years anniversary Vimar

"It must be made possible to enter traditional electrical installation market following the rapid development of electronics." It is on this vision that the KNX Association was founded. An organization whose mission is to develop and promote the KNX standard internationally, to create smart solutions for home and buildings that can be used globally, in a safe and connected way.

Just today, 20 October, the international association celebrates the 30th year of its foundation. An important milestone, which Vimar is pleased to celebrate as a founding member of the KNX Italy association.

Since 1990, the technology and solutions developed on this international standard have made great strides, specially thanks to introduction of the Internet of Things.

Precisely in this area, thanks to decades of experience in home & building automation sector, Vimar is now able to propose solutions that meet very specific criteria: a range of products and systems - which combine aesthetics, reliability and advanced functions - connected to the internet through the most advanced digital technologies and therefore able to communicate with each other, giving life to smart buildings.

Follow the live streaming of the event.

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