Vimar home automation for the Varesine in Milan

A new vision of the city. That of those who can live it from high up with the feeling of touching the sky, and as seen from the Varesine complex. A new concept of living: suspended between the sun and air.

The residences offer their tenants an exclusive panorama extending from the spires of the Cathedral to the Alps. The exterior architecture consists of three separate wings, joined in a central body penetrated by natural light that spreads radially over all floors of the building.

Inside, each single setting is designed to offer the right balance of liveability and use of space and to favour an immersion in the natural light that becomes the undisputed protagonist of every apartment.

The interior design of the apartments, by Dolce Vita Homes, follows the new standards of modern living and criteria of cutting-edge home automation: that of Vimar.

In fact, thanks to the perfect integration of control, comfort, energy efficiency and safety, the Vimar By-me home automation system was considered the best choice, in being able to manage in a coordinated way the various devices installed.

Every room can be customised with By-me. The Multimedia video touch screens or Full Flat video touch screens installed ensure complete control of lights, air conditioning, automation and sound systems and allow a different combination of these functions for every room. Like the Multimedia video touch screens, also the Full Flat video touch screens act as a video doorphone, giving a perfect picture of everything happening inside and outside.

A further touch of elegance and exclusiveness is given to the settings by the lines of the Eikon Evo series. An imperceptible presence, with a delicate charm and in line with the latest interior design trends, Eikon Evo enchants for its geometric shapes that highlight the ultra-thin profile and essential details.

In these residences, where cutting-edge materials, products and systems are used, Vimar home automation, as a perfect director, ensures coordination and communication between them, for matchless comfort and well-being.

Vimar per le Varesine di Milano
Vimar per le Varesine di Milan
Vimar per le Varesine di Milano

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