Vimar - New Wi-Fi ClimaChrono timer-thermostat

The range of Vimar timer-thermostats and thermostats has expanded thanks to the new timer-thermostat with integrated Wi-Fi. The ideal solution for those who want to keep the climate in the different rooms of their home under control, remotely too, thanks to a secure connection over the Internet.

Simple to use, thanks to the user-friendly By-clima App the new timer-thermostat can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet. With the By-clima wizard–available in every store for iOS, Android and Windows Phone – you can configure the device in just a few seconds within your Wi-Fi network.

Like all the products in the Clima family, the new Wi-Fi timer-thermostat also features advanced functions. The internal sensor calibration function, for example, ensures precise temperature measurement to enable you to maintain the ideal climate at all times throughout the home. The Ecometer function then, via a user-friendly indicator, shows the consumption values and, with an icon, warns when the comfort temperature is exceeded, thus fostering greater energy awareness.

Suitable for any type of system, whether underfloor or with radiators or fan-coils, this device, thanks to the hotkeys, provides rapid access to a number of functions, including “exit” mode which automatically sets the temperature to a predetermined level and “economy” mode which reduces the set-point to the desired value.

The large, high-sensitivity touch screen with white backlighting enables easy control even in manual mode. While its sleek line, also thanks to the reflex finish, shows off its refined design ensuring perfect integration in any context.

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