Vimar now available from the Apple Store!

Now you can share and propose the solutions available with the Vimar By-me home automation system also from your iPhone.

Vimar has now developed a free app also for the famous Apple phone, allowing you to manage the everyday functions of a family which has chosen to make its life easy by installing the By-me automation system at home.

An interactive video which, also using information sheets, allows you to better understand, share with others and circulate the solutions made available by Vimar to simplify your everyday life, offering well-being and energy savings, because in order to be welcoming, a home must also be intelligent.

Through its intuitive and highly captivating interactive menu, you can select  any of the various automated functions from your phone - control, comfort, safety, energy savings and communication - and view the relative technical sheet which provides detailed information and can be used as a support when preparing quotations.

With a simple gesture, you can send the sheet in pdf format by e-mail to your local installer, who will then have access to all the information he needs to prepare your quotation for the Vimar home automation system designed specifically to meet your needs.

So just go to the iTunes store, download the free “Vimar for you” app and synchronise it to your iPhone.

Enjoy the show!

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