Vimar’s IP over 2 wires video door entry kits

Simplicity and performance extend to four-family systems

Kit videocitofonici IP over 2 wires Vimar

With Vimar’s IP over 2 wires kits, maximum performance and ultimate ease of use are guaranteed: with two new articles available (specifically 40980.P - Entrance panel for 7in IPo2W Video Kit and 40168 - IPo2W converter for cameras), these new kits combine the video performance in full HD of IP technology with the simplicity of the system over 2 wires: the superior performance of this product comes together with super simple installation.

Comprising one or two 7” colour touch screen monitors and 1 outdoor station, the kits are designed to accommodate an extension of up to 4 indoor stations per apartment and 4 outdoor stations, with the addition of up to 8 apartment cameras and 20 shared system cameras, for maximum expandability; they can be used in single contexts as well as in two-, three- and even four-family situations. The system therefore offers extreme versatility in terms of expandability as well as the possibility of being used in retrofit installations. Thanks to IP technology, no less than 3 simultaneous calls can be made; for instance, 3 monitors in the same apartment (or different apartments) may receive calls at the same time from three different outdoor stations, making the system suitable for applications with a frequent stream of visitors.

Kit videocitofonici IP over 2 wires di Vimar

The outdoor station is fitted with a camera with 2 Mpx sensor with WDR function and a viewing angle of a generous 160°, an RFID card reader mounting frame and IP54 protection degree against dust and rain and IK07 protection degree against impact or mechanical knocks. In terms of audio too, performance levels are at their highest: background noise and echoes are cancelled out thanks to the noise reduction function. The entrance panel features backlit icons which clearly indicate the communication, lock and call status, with voice messages available in no less than 8 different languages.

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The hands-free indoor station, with 7” colour LCD touch screen display, delivers outstanding image and audio quality, and thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi video calls can be managed using a smartphone and tablet thanks to the View Door App. The clear and user-friendly backlit icons indicate the signalling statuses of missed calls, door release and the “do not disturb” status, with interface messages available in 8 different languages.

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The video door entry kits are compatible with Vimar’s Elvox CCTV cameras, as well as with normal video door entry functions, and they also make it possible to record video footage and images for subsequent consultation. What’s more, the kits are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, which therefore allow you to use vocal controls to open the gate or watch the footage recorded by the camera on the enabled devices.

With the new IP over 2 wires kits, quality and simplicity are guaranteed, both for the installer and for the everyday user.

For the professional, in fact, no software configurator or web browser is required: system configuration and autodiscovery take place directly via the monitor interface, so the installer can act directly on the indoor station, with greater simplicity and ease. The backup and resetting of the system settings and of the individual monitor take place via the monitor SD Card; the encrypted database guaranteed maximum data security. The registration and deletion of RFID keys can also be carried out simply on the outdoor station, signalled also via LEDs, for greater user support. Another advantage, for both the installer and the end user, is to have a single App that manages and controls the outdoor station and the cameras.

The new kits offer multiple advantages for the end user too, starting with the outstanding quality of the video image and the large viewing angle which ensures even greater safety; the gate can also be opened using transponder cards or RFID keys, and the IP CCTV or Wi-Fi cameras can be viewed directly from multiple monitors, without having to duplicate their configuration and adding favourite cameras to the “Contacts” page for a quick preview.

As for domestic security, the user can also connect up to 8 sensors, such as presence, flooding, smoke detection and set the activation delay or warning time and create up to 4 scenarios (home, away, night, custom), with the possibility of selecting from the monitor or via the View Door App, which can also be used to receive alert notifications to monitor and view your home.

So in the IP over 2 wires video door entry kits, safety and performance come together with easy use in a product which delivers simplicity and reliability.

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