Vimar’s IP over 2 wires video door entry kits deliver performance

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With Vimar’s IP over 2 wires kits, maximum performance and extreme ease of use are guaranteed: in fact, these new kits combine the video performance in full HD of IP technology with the simplicity of the system over 2 wires.

Comprising one or two 7” colour touch screen monitors and 1 outdoor station, the kits can also be integrated with the addition of up to 3 Wi-Fi cameras per apartment and can be used in both single and two-family systems.

The outdoor station is fitted with a rainproof frame, backlit name plate and accessories for surface mounting, with a protection degree of IP54 and IK07, against dust, rain and impact or mechanical knocks.

The camera has a viewing angle of a generous 160° and with the access control function integrated in the entrance panel, it guarantees more comprehensive monitoring and complete security. In terms of audio too, performance levels are at their highest: background noise and echoes are cancelled out thanks to the noise reduction function. What’s more, the voice messages on the status of the call are available in 8 different languages.

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The indoor unit, with a 7” colour LCD display and touch screen monitor with speakerphone, delivers outstanding image quality; the graphic interface is straightforward and user-friendly and available in 8 different languages. Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi, it can communicate directly with smartphones and tablets, thus allowing you to manage incoming video calls on your video entryphone even if you are out of doors, using the View Door App; you can also record videos and images for subsequent consultation. In addition, the IP over 2 wires video door entry system allows monitors connected to the same system to communicate.

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Last but not least, the kits can be connected to up to 3 Wi-Fi CCTV cameras per apartment, with the possibility of viewing images for total control and security, again using the View Door App.

The video door entry kits offer multiple benefits: first of all no programming is required, simply connect the devices using the wiring over 2 wires and the system is up and running; the system can also be expanded, with the possibility of subsequently connecting up to 2 indoor stations per home to the installation. Then, in the event of refurbishments to systems over 2 wires, the indoor and outdoor stations can simply be replaced, while retaining the same wiring.

The video entryphones are compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to communicate with the outdoor station and open the door using a simple vocal control via Amazon Echo devices.

With Vimar’s IP over 2 wires video door entry kits, maximum performance is combined with simple installation to deliver a secure and easy-to-use product.

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