Vimar’s Report on Sustainability: a path to success


Vimar is proud to report a significant new achievement: the brand has published its first Report on Sustainability, which is now available on the company website. The report is drawn up in accordance with the major reference standards and aligned with the ambitious goals of the EU’s Green Deal. It constitutes a significant step towards increasingly responsible business management. This result stems from the synergistic collaboration of internal and external resources and reflects Vimar’s long-standing commitment to the social and environmental responsibility of our business.

The Report on Sustainability is a tool which analyses and evaluates the social, environmental and economic impact of the company’s activities with the aim of making all this information transparent to stakeholders.

An in-depth analysis has identified and assessed the most significant impacts on Vimar and the territory in which it operates. The results of this analysis were quantified and presented in the form of tangible indicators that highlight actions taken to reduce the impact of business operations. These include material recovery, careful waste management, implementation of low-impact processes, use of renewable energy sources and preference for recycled materials. Social engagement comes in the form of initiatives to support education and skills development, in partnership with schools and universities, as well as unwavering focus on employees thanks to welfare facilitations and specialised training. The Report on Sustainability also highlights Vimar’s economic performance, demonstrating its long-term commitment to financial soundness and value creation for shareholders. The report shows how the project is managed in a concrete and responsible manner, permeating all phases of processes to demonstrate the integration of ESG issues into Vimar’s corporate values.

Vimar’s Report on Sustainability constitutes a clear commitment to the future and demonstrates strong governance in terms of value, development and inclusion. In 2024, the brand aims to intensify its efforts further, with the aim of continuously improving sustainability targets in all areas, according to the concept of Positive Energy that drives business actions.

For further details and to consult the full Report on Sustainability, please click here.


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