Vimar’s Report on Sustainability: a path towards responsibility

Sustainability is ranking uppermost in our minds at an unprecedented pace; proof of this lies in the fact that Europe wants to lead the way in this process, aiming to become the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.

Vimar is embracing this change by undertaking a journey of commitment and responsibility to support the people and the territory in which it does business, a journey that will lead it to publish its first Report on Sustainability.


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There are a large number of consistent actions which the brand is taking to turn its corporate social responsibility into actual concrete action: from the conscious selection and management of its resources and raw materials, to the adoption of innovative techniques to generate manufacturing processes with a low environmental impact, through to the use of fully recycled and recyclable packaging. Within this framework, it is natural for people’s attention always to be a particular focus point for Vimar in the form of  state-of-the-art welfare policies, in compliance with strict occupational health and safety regulations as well as a constant focus on training and developing skills.

That’s why, in keeping with the ground covered so far and with the aim of developing even further, in order to publish its first Report on Sustainability, Vimar has decided to identify its key topics also by liaising and interacting with its stakeholders, consistently with the brand’s distinguishing values of listening and involvement culture.

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We therefore asked a group of authoritative representatives of external stakeholders to provide a useful assessment, in the form of a qualified point of view, to identify priorities and impacts of the main topics from the economic, environmental and social fields on which to focus resources.

For each key topic, the plan is subsequently to define a measurement model using dedicated indicators that will enable Vimar to represent the de facto situation and highlight areas on which to focus its commitment, making its positive energy concrete.

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