Voxie entryphones

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The new line of Voxie entryphones blends in seamlessly with any architectural context.
Simple shapes, regular silhouettes, ergonomic controls and with an elegant matt white finish. For those looking for a striking yet simple appearance and full functionality.

Citofoni Voxie Vimar

Available in both the hands-free and the handset versions, Voxie entryphones are quick and easy to programme thanks to three different programming modes: using push buttons, dip switches or from a PC via the Save Prog software. No need for new junction boxes, they can be surface mounted with wall plugs, using Vimar’s flush mounting box (for hollow walls or masonry walls, round or rectangular). Alternatively, on a desktop base using the optional dedicated accessory, making it ideal for offices or professional firms.

Voxie, a comprehensive range

Voxie entryphones are supplied as standard with all functions, which can all easily be activated from the push buttons on the device. From adjusting the ringtones and the volume, to the door release button; the alert indicator and the controls which can be programmed to suit individual requirements.

Certain auxiliary functions are also available to communicate clearly and in an organised way.

A general intercom call makes all the indoor stations in the group ring and the first one to answer starts communicating, whereas the selective intercom call allows communication with a specific indoor station within the same group.

The one-way public paging allows a group of indoor stations to ring and to make a one-way public paging on the speaker of the Voxie hands-free entryphone. This comes in especially handy in work situations to communicate within service industry facilities easily, using the paging function or to make general announcements.

Where activated, the automatic answer function allows you to talk to the caller automatically without touching the entryphone. Useful in all those situations where you may have dirty hands or they may be otherwise engaged, such as in certain manufacturing activities or where the utmost cleanliness needs to be guaranteed, for instance in healthcare or pharmaceutical environments.

Voxie entryphones are the ideal product for new builds and for refurbishing existing systems. They are also available in kits, combined with a stylish entrance panel designed specifically for one-family or two-family systems.

Citofono Voxie con pulsantiera a 6 tasti Vimar

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