Welcome to Arké British Standard: timeless, contemporary Italian style

Now also available in the British standard-compliant version, Arké is a series designed to accommodate the latest trends in the world of interior design - which prefer natural materials, attenuated contrasts and warm, pastel hues - while also meeting the needs of the Arab world and its penchant for dark shades and warm hues. A simple yet trendy, long-lasting object that fits into everyday life in a practical and smart way.

The perfect combination of design and technology, Arké constitutes a mixture of expressiveness, customisation and painstaking care for details. And while anything of value has a soul, Arké has several, one for every need. In fact, the buttons and controls are available in white, anthracite grey or in the brand new Metal colour.

The former two are ageless colours, which match any setting and enhance style, retaining contemporary appeal while offering a full range of combinations.


The new Metal button colour, with its strong and innovative personality, was instead designed to accommodate contemporary stylistic needs, particularly to interpret and enhance the style of architectural spaces featuring warm, natural hues. Thanks to the significant intensity of this new colour variant (and of the unprecedented cover plate finishes created specifically to enhance its value), Arké thus clads an even trendier energy model. Available in five materials, selected to stand the test of time, and multiple finishes that reflect the aesthetic values typical of Made in Italy products, Arké cover plates thus give rise to a mixture that satisfies virtually any need. And to enhance the building’s identity even further, they can be customised with the customer’s own logos and symbols, while the buttons and controls can be customised according to the chosen function.

Affording perfectly matching styling, which also extends to the user interfaces, with RGB LEDs, that let you choose the backlighting colour.


Arké devices: user-friendly technologies, sophisticated performance.

In addition to attractive styling, Arké is also about technology. Its devices (accurate, sophisticated and designed to minimise consumption) have been developed to make room management simple and user-friendly. Thanks to their outstanding performance, everyday actions are thus quicker and more fun, to meet the latest trends in modern living. Spaces can be monitored either centrally, from elegant touch screens, or locally, using individual controls. The latter, owing to innovative radio frequency technologies, can be installed anywhere without the need for masonry work and can be moved at any time. Moreover, remote control is also available, via the Internet or from a smartphone or tablet. To manage everything, wherever you may be.

This means that creating the perfect atmosphere will be a matter of seconds. For instance, you can adjust the intensity of lighting to suit your needs, or activate lighting effects with the RGB dimmers, simply and immediately. You can also easily recreate your favourite environmental conditions through functions which, also using default scenarios, allow you to manage lighting and speaker systems and move curtains or roller shutters in a fully coordinated manner. Arké makes total comfort possible, from every perspective. Last but not least, consumption is optimised without compromise. Thanks to its smart technology, Arké guarantees maximum climate comfort, energy supervision of spaces, perfect load management and photovoltaic energy distribution. To make sure you consume less and live better.

To meet various installation requirements in different countries, Arké also offers an extensive range of devices compliant with relevant international standards and stands out for its excellent modular and installation versatility, ensuring impeccable energy management in complete safety.

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