Well-contact Plus (KNX)

Databank hardware devices, updates, touch screen configurator

KNX Databank hardware devices, updates the WCS, touch screen configurator Well-Plus and contact request form with the WCS management interface activation.

Configuration Software Touch Screen WCP (vers. 1.21)135.6 M07/07/2021
Databank ETS - Componenti impianto - System Devices (vers. 1.9)1.18 M09/02/2021
Databank ETS - Componenti automazione - Automation components (vers. 1.16)35.84 M20/09/2021
Databank ETS - Termoregolazione bizona - Clima control (vers 1.16)2.74 M16/02/2022
Databank ETS - Comando e Supervisione - Supervision and Control (vers. 1.15)76.87 M11/01/2022
Guidelines and precautions for Well-contact Suite884.01 K18/01/2018
Touchscreen Configurator software Manual10.92 M20/09/2021
Driver Download1.71 M04/10/2011
Examples of the thermostat programming1.36 M12/04/2017
Instruction manual Well-contact Plus system51 M04/09/2017
Firmware Touch Screen 3M (vers. 1.11)200.06 K25/06/2021
Firmware Touch Screen 4,3" (vers. 1.11)702.35 K25/06/2021
Esempi di progetti ETS - Examples of ETS projects44.41 M05/10/2021