When I send a command to my GSM/Clima-phone, it returns a "Command Error" message. What could be the cause?

This type of error can be caused by: The "GSM Identification" entry in the "Device Configuration" phase was not correctly completed. For example, when you are configuring the device which will control climate zone 1 stored in the communicator. You should enter "C1" for "GSM Identification". If I leave only "C", the communicator will obviously return an error, since it receives an instruction for a "device" that is not expected. The By-Phone is set up correctly, but the communicator has not been configured, at least for that function. For example, the "device" on the By-Phone application is configured correctly (the correct user code [e.g.,. 1234], the correct GSM identifier [e.g., C1] and mobile number) but no climate zone has been registered on the communicator (you did not run communicator configuration with EasyTool or send the SMS command for automatic climate zone acquisition from the control unit to the communicator).