Vimar deems it essential to abide by its Code of Ethics and its ControlManagement and Organisation Model. To this end, Vimar has implemented a system for managing reports concerning activities contrary to the contents of the Control, Management and Organisation Model and to the principles of the Code of Ethics (referred to as “Whistleblowing”) which consists in a computerised platform, entirely external to Vimar systems to guarantee the confidentiality of the reporting entity, whereby all data subjects (employees, collaborators, consultants, suppliers and any other third-party subject that has a relationship with or performs activities on behalf of and/or in the interest of Vimar) can send their report in a confidential manner.

The platform is accessed by registering your data in the servers of the company managing the service and in charge of storing them with a data encryption system, without prejudice to any legal obligations (the registration data are not visible to Vimar).

The reports referred to Vimar S.p.A. are managed by the Supervisory Body while the reports referred to the foreign subsidiaries of Vimar S.p.A. are managed by the Ombudsman (please refer to the Code of Ethics for the definition of the roles and responsibilities of the Ombudsman), who will proceed, each with reference to their own area of expertise, with checking the facts concerning the report in order to ensure it is managed properly.

 The platform is located in a site external to Vimar to guarantee the confidentiality of the data provided. Access is not traced.

How to access the platform

At first access, the reporting entity should register by creating their account.

Once registered and logged in with these credentials, they can submit their report and specify whether it pertains to Vimar S.p.A. or whether the report relates to one of the Foreign Subsidiaries of Vimar S.p.A., then proceed by following the instructions prompted by the platform.

On completion of submitting their report, the reporting entity may access the report from their account, check the status of the report at any time, communicate with the competent body upon verification of the report any additional information or documents that may be useful to ascertain the facts reported.

Confidentiality of the reporting entity’s identity and of the contents of reports

The report is managed by the competent bodies in a manner that ensures the confidentiality of any personal data provided (the person managing the report has no access to the registration data) and of the contents of the report, specifically the identity of the reporting entity who, if such identity is declared in the final phase of submitting the report, will remain confidential as envisaged by the applicable regulations in force on the subject of reports, barring those cases envisaged by regulatory provisions.