Access control and hotel room management

Our offering consists of multifarious solutions designed to meet the needs of each area of the accommodation facility. Designed and produced to be functional, easy to use and fully flexible, they facilitate management and guarantee safety and security throughout the premises, from communal areas to guest rooms, as well as wellness areas and outdoor spaces. And all solutions are designed to guarantee the utmost energy efficiency.

Domotica alberghiera Vimar Venissa


Well-contact Plus is the automation system based on KNX standard that enables constant monitoring of the comfort and security of every area of the hospitality facility, while simultaneously guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. Lights, temperature, power, entrances and exits: everything can be managed directly from the reception computer or via elegant touch screens.

The Hall thus becomes the facility’s operations hub, for coordinating the functions of communal areas, managing the state of guest rooms, controlling accesses and monitoring the building.

Domotica alberghiera videocitofono Vimar

Video door entry system

Elegant video entryphones, both flush and surface mounting, allow staff to communicate with guests and visitors outside the building via a high-resolution video feed, as well as controlling lights and automations to grant guests access to the facility in total safety.

Domotica alberghiera Lettore card Vimar

Access control

All booking details are quickly transferred to the RFID card, which can be customised with the logo of the facility, allowing guests to access authorised areas and allowing reception staff to control accesses.

Domotica alberghiera software gestione e controllo Vimar

Hotel management programme

Thanks to the Well-contact Suite software, the entire facility can be controlled from a computer. The application allows you to programme and control accesses, supervise all automations and schedule bookings.

Guest rooms

Comfort , energy efficiency and design go hand in hand

Whether connected to the Well-contact Plus system or forming a stand alone unit, Vimar guest rooms stand out for their painstaking attention to detail, both technological and design-related, to offer the utmost comfort levels at all times. Nothing is left to chance: all variables are managed and the various functions coordinate with each other to adapt to the occupant’s needs and lifestyles.

Domotica alberghiera controllo automazioni Vimar

Light control

Adjust the intensity of lighting, switch lights on and off, raise or lower the roller shutters. All with instant, one-touch control and state display.

Domotica alberghiera gestione clima Vimar

Climate control and room state

The temperature settings for the bedroom and bathroom can always be amended separately.

Domotica alberghiera automazioni hotel Vimar

Symmetrical headboard panels

Simply stretch out an arm while lying comfortably in bed to control the lights, plug in a device or recharge your smartphone using the special high-power socket.

Domotica alberghiera prese e connessioni Vimar


Flush mounting Wi-Fi access points accommodate all your needs to connect to the world outside, via cable or wireless.

Conference room and communal areas

Safety and energy saving in every area

In corridors, stairwells or other communal areas of the hotel facility, Well-contact Plus guarantees total safety and maximum energy savings. Always. Lights that turn on only when someone passes, emergency fixtures that provide ample illumination during blackouts, LED step marker lamps that indicate escape routes, cameras that monitor guests and ensure no unauthorised persons enter their room.

Domotica alberghiera videosorveglianza TVCC Vimar


Indoor cameras with built-in microphone discreetly monitor communal areas, constantly capturing everything that happens inside the facility and even providing an audio feed.

Domotica alberghiera prese universali Vimar

Safety everywhere

Universal sockets with RCBO circuit breaker ensure safety all over the building, protecting connected devices from potential overload.

Domotica alberghiera rilevatore presenza Vimar

Lighting - only when needed

Sensors strategically positioned in communal areas prevent energy wastage by turning the lights on only when someone approaches, forming a path of lights that illuminate in sequence.

Domotica alberghiera segnapasso Vimar

Visibility even in the dark

Corridors, stairs and other communal areas are discreetly indicated by step marker LEDs that guide guests through the facility, providing visibility and security even at night.

Wellness area

Specific solutions for special spaces

An oasis of wellbeing to restore body and mind. For wellness areas with restricted entry, or provided as a paid service by an external provider, we install devices that offer maximum comfort and transponder card readers for controlled access, with service fees charged straight to the card holder’s account.

Domotica alberghiera Wellness diffusione sonora Vimar

Background music

High-quality sound system with sound system that plays music from up to 4 different sources in individual zones.

Domotica alberghiera controllo accessi Vimar

Reserved access

The transponder reader and card only allow authorised persons to access restricted zones, while the Well-contact Plus system and associated management software enable paid services to be charged directly to the guest’s final bill.

Domotica alberghiera giochi di luci colorate Vimar

Games of light

Vary the brightness of light sources, including RGB LED lights, to create elegant and sophisticated effects that enhance the wellness experience with chromotherapy.

The exterior

The best solution to every requirement

Hotel entrances, gardens, forecourts and large open courtyards, unattended open-air car parksand underground garages. Vimar offers practical solutions that keep accommodation facilities under control and secure at all times. Because our mission is to give guests peace of mind while simplifying the job of the hotel staff.

Domotica alberghiera videocitofonia e sicurezza Vimar

Communicating with the outside

Flush and surface mounting video entryphones, with an elegant design and innovative features, allow staff to communicate with people outside the building and view high-definition images captured by attractive, compact and weather-resistant entrance panels. 

Domotica alberghiera TVCC e videosorveglianza Vimar

Video surveillance

All-round surveillance of the facility, with precise and detailed coverage both day and night. The safety of guests and the security of their property are thus provided with absolute round-the-clock protection.

Domotica alberghiera automazioni Vimar

Automated gate control

Motors to automate any type of gate and barrier. Designed to ensure maximum quality, performance and safety, thanks to heir flawless access control owing to their precise, reliable mechanisms.

Our references speak for themselves

Beneficiaries of Vimar hospitality solutions throughout the world

Hotels, tourist resorts, residences, and accommodation facilities of all types have chosen Vimar in Italy and throughout the world We accommodate the needs of tourism facilities: from huge five-star hotels, to small family-run accommodation businesses. From exclusive residences to resorts with beach-front bungalows.