ADI Design Crippaconcept


ADI Design Crippaconcept

We are a partner of Mobile Home Helios, a project resulting from the collaboration between Crippaconcept and Matteo Thun & Benedetto Fasciana, exhibited at the ADI Design Museum, Piazza Compasso D’Oro.


HELIOS is the latest innovation in mobile home solutions for open air tourism. A micro-architecture that encompasses sustainability and functional space, dedicated to glamping holidays that never lose direct contact with the natural surroundings. A temporary and removable “domestic” solution, whose essence is expressed in three timeless styles: essential, classic and modern.



Vimar fits perfectly into the Helios project with the warm, natural canvas hue of Linea, the new series of cover plates and controls featuring an unprecedented and elegant design that brings together the understated allure of sophisticated styling with state-of-the-art technology. The result of an in-depth research process, and thanks to 24 patents, use of plastics from renewable and recycled sources, optimised production processes, efficient management of product volumes, and use of FSC certified eco-sustainable packaging, Linea reduces CO₂ emission by over 80%, saving over 500 tonnes of CO₂ each year. Moreover, 97% of production contains plastics from renewable and recycled sources, originating from an ISCC PLUS certified supply chain, contributing to a significantly lower environmental impact. An unstoppable design development path, without compromising on essential values such as innovation and quality.


Linea Sostenibilita Nero