By-alarm cord-operated contact - 01825


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By-alarm cord-operated contact
Electromechanical cord-operated contact for roller blind and gate protection

Product Status
3 - Active

Class group
Alarm installations, emergency call and signalling
Opening detector for intrusion detection system

00. CE Marking - EU

37. Marking - Morocco

92. RoHS UAE

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
11.2x9.6x9.8 [cm]
158.32 [g]
Barcode Qty 18 NR
18 NR
37.5x30x21 [cm]
3,284 [g]
Question: I connected a roller shutter sensor art.01825 to the input expansion module art. 01709 but it does not read the shutter movement.
Answer: In the control panel parameters (on By-alarm Manager) Inputs > Special functions > Switch alarm–impulses per alarm, you can vary the number and length of the impulses (default 1 impulse, 160ms). Generally, for a roller shutter contact the settings are: from 3 to 6 impulses (check the shutter movement), 2ms.
Question: Can I connect roller shutter or inertia sensors (art.01825, art.01826) directly on the control panel 01700 or 01703 inputs?
Answer: No. These sensors are managed exclusively by the expansion module art.01709 inputs.
Question: What are the dimensions of the sensor?
Answer: The product dimensions are as follows: 102mm*98mm*16mm.

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