4-channel RF actuator/receiver - 01924


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4-channel RF actuator/receiver
4-channel radiofrequency actuator-receiver, for DIN (60715 TH35) rail installation, occupies 6 17,5 mm modules

Product Status
3 - Active

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Class group
Installation bus systems
Heating actuator for bus system
Bus system KNX
Bus system KNX radio
Bus system radio frequent
Bus system LON
Bus system Powernet
Radio frequent bidirectional
Width in number of modular spacings
With bus connection
Correcting variable consistent
Valve protection function
Manual switch
Max. switching current (resistive load)
16,00 A
Number of outputs
Max. output current
6,00 A
Switching voltage
250,00 - 250,01 v
Degree of protection (IP)
Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
11.7x10.8x7.1 [cm]
330.67 [g]
Question: In case of low signal, can I improve the signal on unidirectional RF actuators 01923 and 01924?
Answer: Yes, to improve reception, you can apply a rigid 17 cm wire to the relevant terminal or apply a 433Mhz antenna connected via coaxial cable.
Question: Can a timer-thermostat 01910 with RF base 01930 manage an RF actuator 01923 or 01924?
Answer: No, it can only manage two-way RF actuators 01933 or 01934.
Question: Can I use the 01933 and 01934 two-way RF actuators in place of the 01923 or 01924 1-way RF actuators without using the 01930 2-way RF base?
Answer: No, they have different operating frequencies and are conceptually different.
Question: With 2 01910 timer-thermostats, if I choose the unidirectional RF control, which additional devices would I need?
Answer: An 01921 transmitter module for each timer-thermostat and an 01924 RF actuator.
Question: Can I control a single 01923 or 01924 RF actuator with multiple 01910 timer-thermostats?
Answer: No.
Question: Can I control multiple 01923 or 01924 RF actuators with an 01910 timer-thermostat?
Answer: Yes.
Question: Is an antenna required on the 01923-01924 RF actuator/receiver?
Answer: Yes, otherwise the RF coverage would not be satisfactory.
Question: What is the coverage between timer-thermostat and an 01923-01924 RF actuator/receiver?
Answer: 120 meters in the open. To increase the range you can use an additional actuator acting as a ˝repeater˝.

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