ADL-EF line coupler - 02094


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ADL-EF line coupler
Line coupler with ethernet and sound management, supply voltage 24 V dc, on DIN (60715 TH35) rail installation, occupies 9 17,5 mm modules

Product Status
4 - Active

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Class group
Domestic switching devices
Central-element clinic-installation
Suitable as central plate
Suitable for pull contact
Suitable for bus connection
Suitable for nurse call station
RAL-number (similar)

00. CE Marking - EU

19. NOM - Mexico

37. Marking - Morocco

43. UKCA mark - Great Britain

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
27.6x16.9x11.1 [cm]
393.5 [g]
Question: Can 8-channel MCS modules, article 02096, function in a system with no ADL EF (article 02094)?
Answer: Yes, after configuring and setting the MCS module (article 02096) it can function without the aid of an ADL EF.
Question: Can I have a Call-way system without ADL EF (article 02094)?
Answer: The lack of ADL does not compromise the basic call functions, the but the operation of the system without ADL is not recommended. Without the ADL EF device the system will not comply with the VDE regulation. In Call Way systems without ADL EF, the yellow led on the display modules will flash to indicate the lack of communication with the line coupler (article 02094).
Question: How can I recover the ADL EF IP address (article 02094)?
Answer: Article 02094 is configured using the network connection and software such as “Device Installer” by Lantronix.

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