Wi-Fi TVCC kit - 3Mpx+2Bullet cams 3.6mm - 46KIT.036C


ELVOX CCTV / Kit Digital IP / 4-channel kit

Wi-Fi TVCC kit - 3Mpx+2Bullet cams 3.6mm

  • The kit is supplied pre-configured and ready to use. It is easy to manage using the View Product App
  • Cameras and NVR allow viewing and recording, for each image channel, with a resolution of up to 3 Mpx
  • The audio is detected automatically, motion and the presence of people (available on two channels) by sending push notifications on the View Product App
  • Camera distance: up to 200 m in open air and repeater function
  • High definition pictures can be viewed on a monitor/TV via an HDMI cable, also guaranteeing supervision in the absence of a network connection

Product Status
3 - Active

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Class group
Alarm installations, emergency call and signalling
Video surveillance system
Number of cameras
Transmission technique
Type of storage medium
Hard disc
Max. number of video inputs
Integrated power-supply for cameras

37. Marking - Morocco

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1 NR
31.4x17x28.2 [cm]
3,060 [g]


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