Sound System desktop monitor, white - 662A


ELVOX Door entry / Sound System / 6600 Series

Sound System desktop monitor, white
Two-channel desktop speakerphone monitor for Sound System with 3.5 in TFT LCD colour screen, vertical tilt movement, complete with 2 m of 13-conductor cable + 1 coaxial with socket and removable plug, white. Dimensions: 141x125x125 mm

Product Status
42 - Will be discontinued

Class group
Communication technique
Installation technique
Multi-wire system
Mounting method
Desk type device

00. CE Marking - EU

37. Marking - Morocco

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
39.3x18.5x14.9 [cm]
998 [g]


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