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7in TS Wi-Fi video kit 1F multiplug
Video door entry kit, containing: 1 7in LCD hands-free touch screen video entryphone with Wi-Fi connection, 1 1-button audio/video entrance panel with rainproof cover, 1 24 Vdc 1 A power supply unit with European, British, American and Australian standards interchangeable plugs, supplied with bracket for surface mounting

  • The kits are ready to use and do not require any particular programming; maximum distance between the entrance panel and the last monitor: up to 100 m with 1 mm2
  • Expandable: up to 3 monitors can be associated with each call push button
  • Intercom function between indoor stations (of the same family)
  • Multi-plug power supply: the monitors are powered by European, English, American and Australian standard multi-plug power supply units

Product Status
3 - Active

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Class group
Communication technique
Door station set
With video
Number of indoor stations
Number of outdoor stations
Installation technique
Mounting method indoor station
Surface mounted
Colour indoor station
Mounting method outdoor station
Surface mounted
Material outdoor station
Colour outdoor station
Expandable to max. number of indoor stations
Expandable to max. number of outdoor stations
Picture system
Can be connected to smartphone
Internal communication
Hands free
With day/night function
Zoom, pan/tilt function
With memory function
Screen diagonal
177,80 mm
Screen diagonal (inch)
Manual adjustable camera
Hearing aid compatible

19. NOM - Mexico

35. RCM - Australia

37. Marking - Morocco

92. RoHS UAE

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
26.5x10.8x20 [cm]
1,351 [g]
Barcode Qty 4 NR
4 NR
45x29x24 [cm]
5,980 [g]
Question: Can I replace the plug power supply unit supplied with a DIN rail?
Answer: Definitely, you can use art. 40103 taking care you arrange one for each monitor.
Question: Do I get an acoustic confirmation at the entrance panel when I make a call?
Answer: The entrance panel ringtone rings to provide acoustic confirmation of the call; if you cannot hear it, you need to check that the volume on the entrance panel speaker hasn’t be set to zero.
Question: Can I open the gate (or perform actuation controls) with the monitor switched off?
Answer: No, to control actuations, a call from the entrance panel or alternatively the monitor self-start is necessary.
Question: Can an external push button be connected to control the electrical lock (gate opening)?
Answer: No, this function is not envisaged.
Question: Can an additional ringtone be connected?
Answer: No, this function is not envisaged.
Question: Can the number of ringtone cycles during a call be modified?
Answer: No, the number of cycles cannot be modified, but the volume and melody can be modified (among the 6 available for selection).
Question: Can normal entryphones be connected to the KIT?
Answer: No, this function is not envisaged.
Question: What are the dimensions of the monitor fixing bracket?
Answer: The dimensions of the internal monitor fixing bracket are 9.6 cm by 5.6 cm
Question: Can an external camera be inserted?
Answer: Yes, a CCTV camera (optional) can be installed at the CCTV and GND terminals of the outdoor station The Vimar code is 46CAM.136B.8 Maximum cable length: 100 m with SYV75-3/RG59 cable˝
Question: Which cable should I use for the connection?
Answer: The cable to use for the connections depends on the distances. Depending on the distances to cover between the external entrance panel and the last internal video entryphone, you should identify the cross-section of the cable, specifically: Minimum cross sectional area up to 50m • 0.75 mm2 Minimum cross sectional area up to 100m •1 mm2 Distances over 100 m cannot be covered Maximum cable length for electrical lock control and voltage-free contact control: 30 m.
Question: At what height should the external entrance panel be installed?
Answer: Greater performance is ensured with the installation of the entrance panel at a height of approximately 1.6 m.
Question: Can external cameras connected to the KIT be consulted without a call at the entrance panel?
Answer: Yes, simply perform the monitor self-start and the camera can be consulted from the monitor by following the consultation sequence (both in entrance panel call and in self-start), which is: -CAM1 (entrance panel camera 1)-CCTV1 (optional camera 1) -CAM2 (entrance panel camera 2)-CCTV2 (optional camera 2).The sequence of display of the entrance panel cameras or cameras outside the control is chosen on the monitor. This sequence cannot be modified so the first image shown remains the one from the entrance panel.
Question: When I access the App to see the video, I am prompted for a password I can’t remember.
Answer: Usually the only password required is for the Wi-Fi. You could re-install the App from the store.
Question: Can the kit be expanded with a traditional monitor?
Answer: Yes, the kit can be integrated with type K40912 and K40917 monitors.

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