7in TS Wi-Fi monitor multiplug - K40947


ELVOX Door entry / Exclusive / Exclusive

7in TS Wi-Fi monitor multiplug
7in LCD hands-free touch screen monitor with Wi-Fi connection for surface mounting video door entry kits, 1 24 Vdc 1 A power supply unit with European, British, American and Australian standards interchangeable plugs, supplied with bracket for surface mounting

  • Expandable: up to 3 monitors can be associated with each call push button
  • Intercom function between indoor stations (of the same family)
  • Multi-plug power supply: the monitors are powered by European, English, American and Australian standard multi-plug power supply units
  • Monitor with integrated Wi-Fi: the indoor station communicates with smartphones and tablets; video door entry calls can be managed anywhere.

Product Status
4 - Active

Sheets, Manuals, Documentation

Class group
Communication technique
Mounting accessories for door communication
Suitable for
Indoor station
Mounting method
Surface mounted (plaster)

19. NOM - Mexico

28. NSW / RCM - Australia

37. Marking - Morocco

Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
27.5x6.2x19 [cm]
722 [g]
Barcode Qty 8 NR
8 NR
57x29x24 [cm]
6,500 [g]
Question: What are the dimensions of the monitor fixing bracket?
Answer: The dimensions of the internal monitor fixing bracket are 9.6 cm by 5.6 cm
Question: Can remote management of calls from a smartphone be activated by adding a K40947 to K40910?
Answer: No, this isn’t possible.

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