Cover plates and 1-way switches with antibacterial treatment

Plana Antibacterial, absolute hygiene thanks to silver ions

In hospitals, clinics, care facilities, schools, as well as in cafés, restaurants and communal areas, hygiene is vital. This is why Vimar has decided to supplement the Plana wiring series with an exclusive version: Plana antibacterial.

White technopolymer cover plates and a specific yet extensive range of devices are treated with silver ions to prevent the formation and the spread of germs due also to more than one person touching and using lighting devices.
This treatment has been tested on over 50 different species of bacteria, with certified results: more than 90% of the bacterial count is eradicated within 24 hours.

This way, facilities where it is vital to guarantee hygiene can rely on the Antibacterial version of Plana to provide a wide range of products designed to make even the wiring system antibacterial.


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