Features of smart homes

Home automation solutions for your home

Home automation can be easily defined as interdisciplinary because it refers to the installer and to those who manage other systems in a house. A home automation system presents different features that can be translated into a range of solutions that enhance the building.

Devices and commands easy to use, reliable and safe enable the enhancing of living spaces even with simple home automation solutions like the video door entry system, the climate and the lighting control. It will always be possible to integrate them with new functions later.

Integration between devices and interoperability of all functions

A home automation system allows communication among all electronic devices. If it is open to the KNX standard, it enables interoperability with the thousands of products of different companies that adherent to this international standard.

The same device can manage different functions: a motion sensor can switch on the lights or report an intrusion, depending on the time and purpose for which it was programmed.

Remote control

Using a smartphone, tablet or pc you can act immediately on various functions, check and manage multiple functions remotely. Then, you can also receive a report if the alarm goes off or set the desired climate when you come back home.

User-friendly interface

It promises efficient, simple and effective management of residence’s systems because they are controllable by a single point. It simplifies the dialogue with all devices, managed by a central supervision point, like a video touchscreen. Thanks to intuitive interfaces, home automation is within everybody's reach.

Energy saving

Integration – within the home automation system – of climate control and lighting enables the optimization of energy consumptions.

Functional flexibility and scalability

You can change the functionality of the system at any time without additional masonry works as well as realize the system with basic functions and then add some of them later.

Easy installation

Using a twisted pair for the control system and “classic” wires for the power system everything becomes easier, even the management. A programme for shutting down roller shutters or switching off all lights can be easily controlled.