For the last 50 years, the safety of electrical systems all over the world has borne the Vimar brand

15 March 1968 - 15 March 2018: Fifty years of SICURY

Patented by Vimar on 15 March 1968, the SICURY protective shutter prevents children from making accidental contact with the live parts of sockets, from that day on making their lives safer and giving their parents greater peace of mind.

Deemed as a crucial element for ensuring personal safety, Vimar offered the right to use the SICURY patent to the entire market free of charge and in a short time it was implemented by all the players in the electrical sector, and helped to modify the relative reference legislation.

SICURY is a plastic rotating shutter shaped like a screw which closes the holes of the socket from the inside, preventing any object from gaining direct access to the live components. Only if it is simultaneously subjected to the pressure of a plug on both sides does the shutter roll back on itself, opening the holes of the socket and so allowing electrical contact to be made. No other object is therefore capable of opening the shutter and reaching the live parts.

Today, 50 years on from its registration, this revolutionary invention has proved particularly important in terms of changing the level of safety in electrical systems in Italy and also abroad, to a considerable extent, turning it into a true international safety standard.

To mark the anniversary of SICURY, an extremely important all-Italian innovation, Vimar would like to remind everyone that not only is the safety of electrical systems a crucial element, but that our country has played a significant role in defining it, both in terms of legislation and production.

The 200 plus patents registered by Vimar over the years are proof of the strong spirit of innovation that characterises the company and today this is reflected in both its solutions for the Internet of Things and all the other products offered to the market in which sophisticated technology combines flawlessly with the Italian design and style that have made our country famous worldwide. Always in pursuit of the value and prestige of fine Italian production.

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SICURY patent

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