Indoor entryphone and video entryphone

Hi-tech performance levels combined with the style that has made Italy famous world-wide

The full range of indoor stations, both for door entry and video door entry systems, offers solutions that have been specifically designed to blend in with any lifestyle with elegance. Top-quality materials, stylish silhouettes, prized finishes for functional styling and totally user-friendly operation.

Videocitofono Da Interno Vimar

Wi-Fi TAB 5S and 7S Up video entryphone

Tab 5S and 7S Up, the Due Fili Plus connected video entryphones with 5” and 7” touch display, which give you the chance to communicate with outside the house remotely too, in total safety. In addition to conventional video door entry functions, the devices in fact also feature integrated Wi-Fi to allow you to manage your calls via the restyled Video Door App.

With Tab 5S and 7S Up, even installation offers maximum flexibility, thanks to three alternative modes: surface mounting, with wall plugs or using a flush mounting box; semi-flush mounting, to obtain a protrusion from the wall of just 13.1 mm; and table mounting, thanks to a dedicated base.

Videocitofono Connesso Smart Tab 5S 7S Up

TAB 7 and TAB 7S video entryphone

Tab 7 and Tab 7S both draw their inspiration from the light-weight and simple silhouettes that distinguish all the models in the Tab series, with revolutionary functions and stylish designs.

In addition to the conventional video door entry functions, Tab 7S also features integrated Wi-Fi and the Video Door App allowing call repetition on your smartphone to guarantee total control, even when you are out and about. In short, this product has its sights firmly set on the future.

Videocitofono Vimar Tab 7 Tab 7S

Latest generation video door entry system

The Tab video entryphones are a veritable innovation, with their LCD display, capacitive keyboard, ultra-thin thickness and contemporary design, able to satisfy every requirement for installation and use.

Compact and with minimal silhouettes, they don the modern charm of Reflex: a shiny, bright material. The front icons can be used to access and directly activate the primary video entryphone functions (such as answering calls, unlocking the door, deactivating the ringtone and activating auxiliary services).

Videocitofoni serie Tab Vimar

Voxie entryphone

The Voxie line of entryphones blends in seamlessly with any architectural context. Simple shapes, regular silhouettes, ergonomic controls and with an elegant matt white finish.

Available in both the hands-free and the handset versions, Voxie entryphones are quick and easy to programme thanks to three different programming modes. No need for new junction boxes, they can be surface mounted with wall plugs, using Vimar’s flush mounting box (for hollow walls or masonry walls, round or rectangular). Alternatively, on a desktop base using the optional dedicated accessory, making it ideal for offices or professional firms.

Citofono Voxie Vimar

Tab Jr. entryphone

The Tab Jr. entryphone is part of the Tab styling family and is designed for those who don’t need the video function but are in search of the most innovative quality and design. Like the rest of the Tab Series, it dons the modern charm of Reflex.

A compact entryphone with irresistible style. With the typical appearance of an entryphone, it stands out for its compact and understated silhouette, nevertheless offering outstanding functionality and reliability. For those in search of the essential in both shape and function. Tab Jr. is devised for those who don’t need the video function. An audio-only device that retains the same technology, quality and design as Vimar’s entire range of products

Citofono Tab Jr Vimar

Reception switchboard

The ideal reception switchboard for community systems, it monitors the calls from the entrance panels of the entryphones and video entryphones, coordinating the communication flows between the various stations. It ensures continuous, intelligent and advanced call management, even in large residential complexes.

The reception switchboards are available for the 2 Fili Plus and IP technology on PC via web browser.

Centralino di portineria Vimar
Touch screen domotico Videocitofono

When home automation includes video door entry systems

10” IP home automation touch screen

A true control device that combines advanced technology with elegant, sophisticated finishes. From here, the whole house is under control and you have tabs on everything. All it takes is a touch for full, user-friendly access to all the video door entry system functions and to easily manage the By-me Plus home automation system. And a host of additional functions, such as interfacing with the burglar alarm system and the video surveillance system, turn this device into a small technological gem. To be completed with dedicated cover plates.

Touch screen domotico Videocitofono

7” IP home automation touch screen

Ultra-flat screen, high definition graphics, customised displays with photos of actual settings to make the control of By-me Plus home automation system functions more user-friendly. The 7” home automation system touch screen is designed to communicate with the outside in complete freedom while keeping your hands free providing a generous view of the world outside your home. A compact device with an elegant shape, featuring a multitude of functions to manage calls and burglar alarm and video surveillance systems. The gentle silhouettes soften the corners and extend across the entire smooth, glass-like surface.

Touch screen domotico Videocitofono

4.3” IP home automation touch screen

The 4.3” home automation system touch screen combines all the functions of video door entry systems with the integrated management of By-me Plus home automation. Featuring a colour display, for a high definition view of the images, it comes in white, black and neutral. It is complete with the full range of cover plates from the Eikon, Arké and Plana series, offering a perfect combination of high technology and design.

Touch screen domotico Videocitofono

Due Fili Plus and IP IoT Gateway

The IoT Gateways, in the Due Fili Plus and IP versions, allows the use of the video door entry system with home automation system touch screens.

The Due Fili Plus version is ideal for renovations, even for a single dwelling or an entryphone system, to boost the functions of an existing system. Thanks to Cloud connectivity, it can be used to perform all these operations, either locally or remotely via the App.

Vimar Apparecchi Da Parete Gateway