Mounting frame with anti-tamper system for Linea

Advanced technology and sleek design for guaranteed safety

Modularità Supporto Antieffrazione Linea

Vimar continues to pursue ongoing improvement and quality. New mounting frames with anti-tamper system for cover plates with 3, 4 and 7 modules are available for the Linea series. An innovative idea in functionality and aesthetic styling, devised specifically to prevent theft or vandalism, especially in public venues such as hotels, schools, hospitals and airports, which contributes to improving the level of safety of the system: indeed, with this mounting frame, the cover plates cannot be removed once installed.

The new mounting frame with anti-tamper system can be used on all the Linea cover plates in the catalogue and consists of a concealed mechanism that locks the cover plate in place when it is installed. This mounting frame keeps it securely fastened to the lighting device, without any possibility of it becoming detached unless the dedicated extraction tool is used.

Disegno Supporto Antieffrazione Linea

Indeed, inserting the extraction tool into the 2 slots at the ends of the lighting device allows you to detach the cover plate by prising it gently off.

This product was designed to prevent the cover plate from being removed in public venues or high-traffic areas, and to avoid any unauthorised operations from being carried out on the installed device.

Supporto Antieffrazione Linea

The anti-tamper mounting frame is a safe solution with a striking design - there are no visible screws and hooks as everything is inside the mounting frame and if the installer needs to intervene on the lighting device, a label on the cover plate indicates the type of anti-tamper installation.

The result is once again synonymous with the ultimate levels of safety and quality which always distinguish Vimar solutions.

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