Apps for automation systems: with By-gate and By-gate Pro the gate becomes connected

Gate automation for the smart home

Intuitive in use but evolved in functions, the new apps have been developed to simplify the user’s life and facilitate the installer’s work. In fact, just a simple internet connection on your smartphone is enough to control or program the gate at a distance.


The gate opener in the smartphone with By-gate

Your smartphone becomes a real remote control

Thanks to a user friendly interface you can control - wherever you are and at any time - the opening, closing or blocking of a gate equipped with an Elvox motor with a Wi-Fi connection module, also programming it so that it opens and remain open during one or more time slots of the day, without having to add external timers.

An intelligent technology that exploits the principles of geolocation: in fact when the app detects that you are near the gate, it can, entirely independently, activate the automatic opening. All this always in the name of maximum safety: By-gate communicates in real time - through notifications - the opening or closing status, allowing you to operate accordingly.


Work for professionals is easier thanks to By-gate Pro

The app that configures, diagnoses and communicates with the installer

The new version of the By-gate Pro app has instead been developed to allow the installer to program even more easily and quickly the Elvox automations for sliding or swinging gates.

In particular, with this new version, it is possible to store 30 remote controls all at once simply framing the QR Code on the box with your smartphone. A fast operation, which lets you save time and can also be carried out by non-technical personnel. And in case of loss or malfunction it is possible to remotely remove the desired remote controls and even add new ones simply entering a serial number.


Through smartphone or tablet it is also always possible to programme all the settings, commission the installation, duplicate the settings on other control panels and save all data for tuning and reprogramming, if required, even remotely, without having to operate directly on the motor. Also diagnostics become more effective, thanks to notifications that guarantee continuous assistance and control. The By-gate Pro App, in fact, communicates independently any anomalies or malfunctions of the system and indicates the need for scheduled maintenance thus allowing the installer to organize assistance service in a timely and precise manner. 

Thanks to the continuous accessibility of the system installed, By-gate Pro facilitates the organization of team work. In fact the app automatically records every update made on the installations database, aligning the data so that it can be shared with all the teams working on any job. In this way, maintenance jobs can always be quickly organised, saving time in reprogramming the installation.

Gate automation kit

IoT enters in the Elvox automations

All you need for the gate basic automation: motor, fixing plate, flashing light, photocells, key selector.

Supplied with Wi-Fi control board with display, ready to house the optional EMC.W module (supplied separately) for Wi-Fi communication with smartphones and tablets. 


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