Plug&Play devices for use in home automation systems

Vimar's offer is further reinforced by new intelligent solutions capable of enhancing the home.

The new preconfigured Plug&Play devices make it possible to create a whole new home automation system or to transform a traditional electrical system into a small home automation system focused on handling lighting and electric rolling shutters, with the enormous advantage of not having to carry out any specific programming activities.

This means that, thanks to Vimar's new devices, even those without any home automation system can take advantage of the advantages provided by this technology. For example, the possibility of a single central control system to operate all home lighting, curtains and rolling blinds. Or else the possibility of including these functions in a wider scenario, which can regulate various functions in an integrated way. Rolling blinds up, or else lights turned off and blinds rolled down: it will be up to the user to decide, using a simple command system.

Whether installed in "star point" or "distributed" systems, in existing buildings or ones under renovation, in residential or small commercial premises,these devices offer numerous advantages.

Simplicity above all. In terms of installation, for a start, because this requires no particular technical expertise, since all that has to be done is to connect the buttons to the inputs and the loads to the outputs. Simplicity also in terms of then making the system operational, since the precon­figured devices make the installer's life simple by not requiring any con­figuration. But also simplicity in terms of maintenance, which is quick and carried out at a single point, on the main control unit.

Another advantage lies in these systems' flexibility, since as indicated above, they can be applied to existing systems or systems under reconstruction, and both in residential and small commercial contexts.

And last but not least, a major advantage lies in their scalability. These precon­figured devices are conceived in the first place for basic control over lighting and rolling blind systems, but they can also be integrated with a By-me home automation system and thus expand the system's functions.

From this situation to an authentic single connected overall control system, it's a small step. All you need to do is choose among the many options in the Vimar catalogue, configure the whole system, and that's it! Control, comfort, security and energy efficiency will then be integrated by a single technology that is intelligent and intuitive in equal measure.


Find out more about the devices and their product data sheets:

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