Plugs, socket outlets, adapters and cable reels

A wide range of products, simple but technologically advanced, to meet any need of use. From adjustable to zero space plugs, from adapters with switch and USB to multiple or multispace adapters, both angular and staggered. From multiple, simple or professional portable socket outlets to cable reels of different types and performances up to industrial sockets and adapters.

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Plugs and socket outlets

Quality and safety, the first things we think about

Safety doesn't stop with the wall, but runs through the entire system, up to the farthest appliances.

The Vimar range is made with meticulous attention to detail, according to high standards of quality and safety, but also following the formal requirements of design and ergonomics with particular attention to functional innovation to always guarantee maximum performance.

Brevetto sicury Vimar

A single plug with two different solutions for use

The adjustable plugs can be installed in both standard and angular positions. A versatility that allows to take up a minimal footprint and gain more space.

Designed to allow using all the spaces behind the furniture, their use is very simple, changing the direction of the block with the pins as needed.

Spina orientabile roteazione Vimar
Presa mobile multipla Vimar

Plugs, socket outlets, adapters and cable reels

Adapters, multi-sockets and cable reels

Simple and multiple adapters

The Vimar adapters are made of unbreakable technopolymer and all have the socket side with SICURY protection shutter.

Specially designed to optimize the available space, angular and staggered, they allow to safely connect multiple electrical devices to one socket outlet, leaving the remaining space of the lighting point free and therefore optimizing the available space.

Adattatore multiplo Vimar

USB adapters and with switch

The new Vimar adapters extend the range.

A single solution for both normal power supply and, thanks to the USB High Power socket (the only ones with a 2.1A current supply, equal to 10 W available), to charge high absorption electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, GPS navigators.

Adattatore USB Vimar

Portable multiple socket outlet "rising"

Products made to solve the eternal problem of coupling small and large plugs and sockets. In fact, this product takes energy with a 10A (small) plug and distributes it to the connected appliances through 16A (large) sockets.

Presa mobile multipla in salita Vimar

Simple and professional portable multiple socket outlet

The Vimar multi-purpose electric power strips, simple or professional, are all made of high-strength technopolymer.

With cable or without cable; with switch, to interrupt the power supply of several connected devices, or with overvoltage limiter which avoids short circuit of the connected devices.

Prese mobili multiple semplici e professionali Vimar

Industrial and professional cable reels

Each Vimar cable reel is designed to meet the needs of professionals in the electrical sector and to allow to bring energy in safety, right there where it is needed.

All industrial, professional and home cable reels are equipped with a thermal circuit breaker for overload protection and available with different lengths of cable and socket.

Avvolgicavo Industriale Professionale

Electrical equipment for mobile installation