QUID relay, the evolution of the traditional system

From Vimar expertise, new solutions for the control of lights and rolling shutters in traditional systems come into being, with “that little something more”. This wide range of devices, easy and intuitive to install, mark a great evolution in wired systems offering multiple advantages. For the best functionality and reliability.

Relé Quid Vimar

QUID relay for lighting control

This magnetic relay (innovative in its lower noise emissions compared to market’s standard) is provided with a technology patented by Vimar and certified by the University of Turin that takes advantage of electric and magnetic components.

Quid for lighting control unifies the extremely low noise emissions of traditional devices with the reliability of the new ones. In addition, it introduces new evolved functions, as the possibility of switching off lights through a centralized single point, unifying all relays with a single wire.

Ideal solution for different contexts: on the bed head of a hotel room, at the doorway at home or in commercial firms. This solution is not powered, an advantage that leads to energy saving and respect for the climate. Moreover, the presence of a warning light reveals if lights are still on. This new relay is both efficient and safe: even if the button stays active accidentally, it does not overheat.

Relé Quid per il Controllo luci Vimar
Schema Collegamenti 03991 Relé Quid Vimar

QUID switch for roller shutters control

Innovative and reliable, the new QUID switcher for roller shutters control supports evolved functionality even on wired systems.

It offers the possibility of automating curtains or roller shutters, enabling groups control; it disconnects the load at the end; it memorizes customer’s favourite position in order to recall it with a simple gesture. The device connects with possible anemometers and adjusts the switching off of electronic curtains or roller shutters on the basis of weather conditions.

Centralized control, reliability, safety: new Quid devices represent customized solutions based on functionality and comfort.

Relé Quid Vimar | controllo tapparelle
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