Smart products

User-friendly devices, fast to install

Smart solutions enhance all standard systems reducing intervention works and manpower to the minimum. For example, radiofrequency commands do not need any kind of electric power or batteries and they can be installed anywhere without masonry works. Or surface-mounted thermostats and timer thermostats with GSM and Wi-Fi technology that can be easily controlled with a smartphone. Again, the sound system stand-alone uses the Bluetooth technology® to spread the music in the whole home from a mobile device or the Wi-Fi access point improves the connection among buildings.


Radiofrequency commands

Without power supply and batteries, they can be mounted on any surface, even wood or glass

They integrate perfectly with the products of the most important players both of the professional and the commercial field that have decided to adopt the Bluetooth standard (Casambi and Xicato technology | Controls) or EnOcean or the Zigbee standard (Philips Hue). The transmission of the signal spreads via funk towards a driver, a switch or a gateway without wiring connections or construction work, considering the lack of a flush-mounted box. The ideal solution in renovations, changes in function, installations subject to architectural or regulatory constraints.

Comandi in radiofrequenza per luci e tapparelle Vimar

Flexible installation

Radiofrequency commands are easy to install on all surfaces, like glass or wood and enlarge the plant up to 15 points of control.

Radiofrequency, wireless

The frequency range (really low power emitted with the button press) for EnOcean is 868 MHz, for ZigBee and Bluetooth is of 2,4 GHz.

Without batteries

It uses the energy generated through the pressure of the button, without batteries. In this way, you can avoid the final disposal of batteries and respect the environment.

Lighting scenarios

To turn on and off lights or to change the colour, these functions can be configured through apps created by producers of lamps that can be adapted to various technologies.

Friends of Hue commands

Eikon, Arké and Plana for the control of wireless lamps Philips Hue

The technological expertise and the design of Vimar meet perfectly with the wireless technology of Philips HUE lamps. New controls are based on Energy Harvesting and they guarantee the full control of wireless lamps through the Bridge (vers. 2) Philips HUE, in total respect of the environment thanks to lack of batteries.

Comandi Friends of Hue Signify Vimar placca elettrica Plana Reflex

Stand-alone sound system

Through Bluetooth technology, it is possible to create small stand-alone systems easily and fast

This easy solution needs a Bluetooth receiver with an integrated speaker, a couple of acoustic speakers and a power supply. The smartphone connects automatically and it is possible to listen to your favorite music in the room. Furthermore, it is possible to connect through a cable other sound sources like the TV to the power supply. An ideal solution for all applications, from the residential to the small tertiary like for example receptive structures.

Diffusione sonora Bluetooth Vimar

Climate control

These devices allow total control of the temperature and manage the energy of the house: thermostats and timer thermostats unify a high technological level with the highest functional practicality. With the simplicity of a gesture or intuitive cursors.

Surface-mounted devices

Stand-alone solutions with wired, radiofrequency or remote controls with GSM and Wi-Fi technology. Thermostats and timer thermostats with intuitive controls: some with easy-to-read touch screens, others with buttons, cursors or dials. They enable simple temperature control, whether you are at home or away, and monitor consumption levels to encourage energy saving. Moreover, the timer-thermostats also enable you to turn the boiler on and off, on a daily or weekly basis.


Flush-mounted device

The climate and energy functions combine perfectly with the highest aesthetic choice possible thanks to the opportunity of combination with the Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana series.

Thermostats and timer thermostats are fitted with a high-sensitive, back-lighting RGB LED touch display for a perfect chromatic coordination with the finishes of the chosen cover plates.

Cronotermostati da incasso Vimar controllo gestione temperatura