Clima&Energy temperature control

Solutions for climate control and energy management

Devices for constant climate control. But also smart solutions for managing energy in the home: thermostats and timer-thermostats combining the highest technological levels with top practical functionality.

With a simple touch, or using the user-friendly cursors.

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Wi-Fi, LTE thermostat or surface mounting timer-thermostat

Thermostats and timer-thermostats fitted with user-friendly controls, some with extremely easy-to-read touch screen displays and others with push buttons, cursors or dials. They allow for simple and comprehensive temperature control, whether you are at home or away, and display consumption levels to encourage energy saving.

Stand-alone solutions with wired-in, radio-controlled or wireless controls with LTE and Wi-Fi technology. Minimal design that adapts easily to any setting: slimline silhouette, modern styling and reflex white finish.

Termostato Wifi Lte Cronotermostato Da Parete Vimar

By-clima App: the ideal climate is just a touch away

With its user-friendly interface, the new By-clima App for smartphones and tablets enables you to programme both built-in and wall-mounted thermostats and timer-thermostats, including those with sound, GSM and Wi-Fi functions. The latter can also be remotely controlled, enabling you to manage your climate settings with maximum versatility even when out and about.


Flush mounting solutions for stand-alone installation or fitted in By-me and Well-contact Plus home automation systems with KNX standard.

The climate control and energy functions are combined with a full range of stylish designs, based on the combination with the Eikon, Arké, Idea and Plana series. Thermostats and timer-thermostats are fitted with highly sensitive, back-lit LED RGB touch screens, allowing perfect coordination with the finishes of the chosen cover plates.

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Touch thermostat

The Eikon Tactil touch thermostat is made of plate glass in the black and white diamond finishes, with RGB LED matrix display. Featuring touch technology and a proximity sensor (which turns the display on as soon as you approach the device), the thermostat is easy to install and is suitable for any application, whether residential or in the service industry. Available with By-me Plus technology, it integrates in our home & building automation systems offering an additional stylish touch to domestic settings and hotel facilities too thanks to the three variants available: with customisable function key, with fan coil unit control key or with key for Hotel functions to signal the status of the room.

Termostato smart touch Vimar Eikon Tactil

Smart dial thermostat

Designed to combine the easy operation of the dial control with the clear image of the LED matrix display, the Vimar smart thermostat is distinguished by an innovative design, inspired by the automotive world, designed to be used by all. Available in the flush mounting version and in two colours, it blends in with any interior design style and is available for the Eikon, Arké, Plana and Idea wiring series.

Two versions are available: stand-alone for traditional systems or IoT connected, which is integrated via the IoT Bluetooth WiFi gateway with the View Wireless smart system.  In the smart version, the user can manage the system either from a smartphone using the View App (locally or remotely) or by voice using voice assistants.

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Electrical dial thermostat

The electronic thermostat controls the room temperature in a user-friendly way and is easy to use thanks to the dial and the front push buttons. The thermostat can operate the power supply circuit of the burner or of the circulation pump for the heating mode or the power supply circuit of the air conditioning unit for the air conditioning mode.

Thanks to the “energy saving” functions, the temperature is reduced by 4 °C in heating mode or raised by 4°C in air conditioning mode, even for a default period of time.

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