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Surface LTE thermostat white
Electronic LTE thermostat for local control and management of temperature (heating and air-conditioning) by dedicated app in ON/OFF and PID modes, class I temperature control device (contribution 1%) in ON/OFF mode, class IV (contribution 2%) in PID mode, configuration with View app via Bluetooth wireless technology, 1 additional output and 1 digital input, 1 5(2) A 240 V~ relay output, supply voltage 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz, white LED backlighting, for surface mounting, white

  • User-friendly and minimal user interface, featuring a modern design (visible animated LED matrix display with side status displays)
  • Adjustment with front rocker to obtain ˝everlasting˝ mechanical feedback
  • Configuration and control via View APP
  • Multi-zone or Multi-home Management
  • Energy section on APP allowing greater energy awareness providing the thermostat’s operating time
  • Can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants and with the IFTTT protocol
  • Customisable input for Alarm signalling via Push notification
  • Auxiliary output

Product Status
3 - Active

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Class group
Stats, switches and controllers
Room thermostat
Type of power supply
230 V AC
With receiver
External sensor
Thermal feedback
Control characteristic
Suitable for heating
Number of heater outputs
Number of cooler outputs
Adjustable differential
Temperature readable
With sound indicator
Sensor/feeler type
Resistance sensor
Mounting method
Surface mounted
Number of modules (module system)
With display
With tap water circuit
Max. contact voltage
230 V
Max. contact load
5 A
Degree of protection (IP)
0 mm
Class of the temperature control
Minimum order quantity: 1 NR


Barcode Qty 1 NR
1 NR
13x3.8x11.4 [cm]
265.2 [g]
Question: Is thermostat 02912 - 02913 battery operated?
Answer: No. It needs to be powered at the mains voltage of 230 V~, 50-60Hz
Question: Can I connect boiler-based central heating and a pellet stove to the thermostat?
Answer: The device has one relay output 5(2) A 230 V available to operate any circulation pumps, burners and solenoid valves. You will need to assess what type of control the other utilities require.
Question: Can thermostat 02912 - 02913 be fitted in a flush mounting box?
Answer: It can be installed directly onto the wall or over 2- and 3-module flush mounting boxes. We recommend surface mounting at a height of 1.5 m above floor level, in a suitable position for the correct detection of the room temperature, avoiding ’ installation recesses, behind doors or curtains or areas affected by heat sources or atmospheric factors.
Question: Can the thermostat still be operated if there is a temporary failure in the Internet?
Answer: The device continues to operate normally as a thermostat; the only limitation is that it cannot be reached via APP.
Question: Can thermostat 02912 - 02913 manage both hot and cold air?
Answer: It manages heating and air conditioning in PID or ON/OFF mode.
Question: The thermostat measures one degree more than the actual temperature.
Answer: By working on the ˝temperature Offset˝ value inside the ˝Advanced operating parameters˝ you should be able to modify the temperature value read by the product.
Question: What are the electrical characteristics of the input and of the boiler control relay?
Answer: The auxiliary input is a high-impedance digital input and it only works with alternating current (120/230 VAC even different from the power supply current), the APP can be used to customise the notification generated by the activation or deactivation of the input contact. The boiler control output is a relay output, whose voltage-free contact features the following characteristics: V=250V; I=5(2)A;
Question: What are the characteristics of the auxiliary output?
Answer: The auxiliary output features the following characteristics: V=120/230 VAC; I=100mA; This is a dedicated TRIAC output for operating an auxiliary relay with a coil voltage of 120/230 VAC, the APP can be used to configure it for the activation of a generic load or to switch a light on and off.

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