View Place Hotel: luxury, technology and ultimate comfort on the Conero Riviera


Located in the delightful setting of the Conero Riviera, in Numana, View Place is a 5-star hotel designed to deliver ultimate comfort and exclusive hospitality to the most demanding guests. Thanks to its privileged seafront location affording breathtaking views that encompass the whole bay, the View Place Hotel is the perfect place to stay to visit the spectacular beaches at the most famous seaside resorts in the area.

An exclusive and recently renovated accommodation facility spanning three floors, with 33 premium Suites & Rooms, providing elegant and airy spaces, luxury furnishings, which prioritise the natural essence of wood, prized headboards with fluted finishes that recall the gentle lulling of the sea on the shore. In addition to the spa, outdoor pool, beach establishment and fine dining restaurant, devised to engage all the senses, there is also a rooftop that overlooks the sea directly, hence the name “View Place”.

The result of the redevelopment project of a historic hotel, now owned by Diadema Srl, a company that boasts other accommodation facilities in the area, the View Place Hotel is the first 5-star hotel in the province of Ancona and is devised to combine comfort, luxury and technology.
It is precisely Vimar technology which makes the difference, specifically the Well-contact Plus hotel management system, developed on KNX standard and designed to enable smart hospitality, offering guests all-round well-being during their stay. Each accommodation facility has its own distinct identity that should also be reflected in its electrical and electronic devices. At the View Place Hotel, Well-Contact Plus matches the styling of the Linea and Eikon wiring series with Tactil controls, redesigning the face of energy.

The check-in and check-out procedures, notifying the presence of guests, technical or emergency alarms to indicate any breakdowns of the electrical devices and requests for intervention on the part of the customer; the condition of the lights and temperature: everything can be programmed and supervised from a single point, i.e. the reception desk. This smart technology simplifies the staff’s tasks and allows guests to enjoy their stay in full comfort. Thanks to Well-contact Plus, once the card has been inserted into the transponder card readers, the lights are activated, the temperature is brought to the desired level, and the presence of the guest is promptly notified to the reception desk - a veritable operational control room, also designed to manage access control at the car park gate, with the video door entry indoor station installed on a desktop base and the outdoor entrance panel of the Elvox Video door entry system.

In this elegant setting, the Linea series in the total look black version fits in with its clean-cut and unmistakable design, adding another touch of character to the environment. The axial controls, with their absolutely flat effect, discretely protrude from the walls, also becoming a genuine decorative feature in a place where aesthetics and design play the starring roles.

And while the understated shapes of Linea were chosen for the indoor pockets, thermostats and lighting and temperature control devices, the exclusive shapes of Eikon Tactil were chosen for the card readers outside the rooms. The smooth pure plate glass surface has backlit LED symbols to alert the hotel staff if the guest does not want to be disturbed, or if room cleaning is requested. The Eikon Tactil card readers mesmerise with their shiny plate glass surface. A refined, well-defined image. An imperceptible presence with a delicate charm, protruding just a few millimetres from the wall with its impeccable silhouette and with the possibility of backlit customisations, which identify the function of the control, even in the dark.

In addition, Netsafe, the structured wiring system offered by Vimar to communicate, transfer, share data, images and video through cables and network socket outlets that ensure stable connections over time as well as superior performance levels, was chosen to network the entire hotel; each room is equipped with a smart TV that can offer specific functions and meet the needs of guests.

This is a perfect example of how Vimar can become a decisive partner in the construction of a “smart hotel” and of how luxury and technology - together - can offer maximum comfort: this is the very essence of the View Place Hotel.



  • Customer: Diadema Srl
  • Project Manager: Eng. Christian Strologo
  • Art direction: Arch. Pierfrancesco Tisci
  • KNX system programming: Studio We Plan

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