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Portal for the management of riserless IP systems

Riserless IP video door entry systems are managed and configured using the View Vimar Portal dedicated to three figures who interact with the systems: installer, plant manager and user.

Access the portal after completing your MyVIMAR registration.

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The installer can offer solutions to replace “old” and dated entryphone systems with smart video door entry systems (retrofit of multi-wire audio system) without having to remove the existing cables in the riser.

The new wiring will only be reserved for the IP horizontal backbone, between the outdoor stations, IP cameras, IP input/output devices and Ethernet switches. On the new web portal, the installer can interact remotely with the systems for maintenance and to manage the access rights.

View Vimar Portal Amministratore

Plant Manager

The plant manager can supervise several systems remotely and allocate administration roles for specific systems to other operators. They can manage the users’ personal records, send users system registration e-mail requests, enable and disable system user credentials, send users messages, manage access control credentials and administer the licences assigned to each individual system. Each licence can be associated with up to 5 mobile devices, which answer the same call at the same time.


View Vimar Portal Utente


Using their smartphone and the View App, users can benefit from the following video door entry functions: answer calls from outdoor stations and from the reception switchboard, activate the lock and auxiliary services (turning on the stair lights, the garden sprinkler system, etc.), self-start the outdoor stations, view the video surveillance cameras (if any are connected), communicate with the reception switchboard - where present - as well as send and receive text messages from reception. What’s more, each apartment can simultaneously receive the calls on 5 different mobile devices.

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System configuration via Video Door IP Manager

The IP video door entry system configuration software enables system configuration from a PC as well as  the firmware updating of devices.

Go to the Video Door IP Manager.

The video shows you how to set a new IP video door entry system project, enrol and configure the devices installed and also download the configuration onto the system.

Card Reader

Smart card management software. Allows the system administrator to load the user smart cards into the View Vimar Portal in order to manage access control.

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