Villa Gallarati Scotti, Fontaniva - Padua


Thanks to Vimar solutions, history returns to its former glory

Villa Gallarati Scotti is clearly visible from the road that connects Vicenza to Treviso passing through the centre of Fontaniva, a lively town in the north of Padua, built on the left bank of the river Brenta and known since ancient times for the presence of small natural springs emerging from the subsoil (from the Latin fons vivus, a living fountain). This is the Villa Veneta, a national monument since 1925, which always played a significant role in the social and cultural life of this community since its foundation, a role supported both at the aesthetic level by the scenographic architecture that enhances its aulic and elegant character, as well as from its almost central position within the town. The building most likely dates to the first half of the sixteenth century.

The restoration operations, which lasted more than two years, now allow us to admire artefacts and works of the artistic and painting talent of the past, which had remained hidden from view for such a long time. The Venetian terrazzo floors, the pretty floral stuccos that adorn the hall of flowers, the marble work of the central hall and the fireplace room, and finally the most pleasant of surprises: a cycle of decorations with delicate plant styles the existence of which was a welcome discovery, have all given ever greater impulse to the continuation of the work of its duration providing many emotions and much enthusiasm.

The restoration was radical - involving every aspect of the Villa, from the foundations, to the walls, to the ceilings - and it was possible thanks to the technological discoveries of our times, in this case placed at the service of history.

The reconstruction works, in taking care of the smallest details, have in fact provided opportunities for the use of avant-garde technologies, and that is where we come to Vimar. Equipping the structure of the By-me home automation system allowed us to obtain maximum functionality from all the spaces that make up the building, all the while respecting its history. From the frescoed halls to the rooms where the library or study are located, its local and centralised commands allow By-me to make space management easier. An elegant multimedia video touch screen as well as a full flat touch screen allow, for example, to bring up at any time one of the different areas in which the villa has been divided and, for each of them, centrally control lighting and temperature. At the end of the day, the off setting allows you to turn off all the lights with a single gesture and bring the temperature to a stand-by level to avoid unnecessary waste.

The multi-purpose functionality of the structure is thus respected by a system which is able to measure lighting, climate and sound diffusion depending on the various occasions of use, while always ensuring comfort and energy savings. Just touch the display of one of the two touch screens to bring up, for example, the meeting scenario setting in which the salon adapts to the needs of a crowded ceremony or a concert of classical music.

Discreet yet elegant, all Vimar devices are aesthetically coordinated with the civil series Arké in the Classic Reflex version in ivory colour, perfectly fitting with the pastel colours of the walls and ceilings.A perfect finish for those who prefer neutral and warm shades. For a cover plate that makes its mark, discreetly.

The commitment made by Vimar in the continuous research and development of innovative plant solutions - to be used to protect the historical and architectural value of buildings - has therefore also been reflected in Villa Gallarati Scotti, in which sophisticated technology hides behind a system as clever as it is easy to use.

Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-salone
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-touch screen
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-prese
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-touch screen 2
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-dettaglio arke
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-dettaglio arke con porta vetro
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-dettaglio touch screen
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-dettaglio prese
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-primo piano arke
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-comandi arke con led accesi
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-comandi arke e sala sullo sfondo
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-Multimedia video touch screen
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-Multimedia video touch screen
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-0048
Vimar Villa Gallarati Scotti-0050

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