Home automation By-me

Based on the values, experience, high-quality technology and design that have set us apart for over 60 years, we present you solutions for the automation of homes, buildings and boats: concrete, effective and innovative responses developed based on your personal needs and requirements.

Domotica By-me per la casa ed il piccolo terziario

Smart Home, discover Vimar solutions

Vimar automation system respond to your every need. Simply.

Discover how we have managed to combine aesthetics with functionality, ease of installation with versatile application, and energy saving with outstanding performance. And if you get the impression that we have read your thoughts, don’t be surprised: Vimar does this and more. Simply.

Home control

With By-me each room responds to your wishes: at any time, for any occasion or necessity.

Simply touch the Multimedia Videotouch display and in a few moments, for each room of the home, you can load one of 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort combinations, configured according to daily needs, special occasions, unforeseen necessities or pure personal pleasure.

Casa connessa domotica Vimar

By-me talks to you: both in and out of the home. Communication knows no limits.

When you’re at home you can monitor the whole system from a LAN or WI-FI network and, with the video touch screen and the door entry panels, nothing happening outside will escape your attention. When you are out you can dialogue with the home via the Internet from your computer, smartphone or latest generation tablet such as iPhone and iPad.

Videocitofonia intelligente vimar

With By-web app you can manage and view the main system functions from your smartphone.

With home remote control even from a smartphone, tablet or PC, you can control your house at all times, nothing will escape you even when you are far away.

From smartphone, you can view and manage the main system functions, including the automations, scenarios, heat control, burglar alarm system and technical alarms.


Nothing escapes you, the whole home is just a simple, intuitive touch away.

View the video cameras, answer the video door entry system, control the lights, automated devices and loads, activate scenarios and manage the sound system.

Simply select the various rooms in the home and control all the functions, from a single point.

Vimar domotica monitor touch screen

Home comfort

With By-me comfort is total: each space welcomes you with your preferred scenario and it only takes an instant to modify it as you please.

From the control panel you can set and load the temperature selected for each area. Simply press to modify it, vary the lighting and play your favourite music: creating cosy relaxation areas and ensuring you have the right light for your daily activities is instant and easy.

Smart home termoregolazione e comfort climatico vimar

Sound diffusion

The system manages up to four different sound sources and allows a differentiated listening room for room: classical music in the living room, the latest pop hit in the kitchen or the radio in the bedroom.

Each room has its own music with excellent playback fidelity thanks to the digital signal transport and the high quality of the loudspeakers.

Vimar domotica diffusione sonora

Light control

Adjustable RGB LED lamp can be used to create interplay between colours, for appealing atmospheres.

Dimmers control brightness intensity and reduce electricity consumption. For all types of LED, adjustable compact fluorescent, halogen and LED strip lamps.


Raise or lower shutters and control other automations, or activate programmed scenarios, at a touch.

Vimar smart home regolazione luci

Home Safety and Security

With By-me safety is at its maximum level: the entire home is under surveillance and you are free to enjoy peace of mind.

The control panel silently protects the whole home, watching over people’s possessions and safety.

And from the monitor you can keep an eye on the children while they are sleeping or playing, at all times, without having to constantly stand over them.

Vimar domotica casa sicura

Gas leak detector and Interlocked socket.

Dedicated sensors will detect any possible gas leak or signs of a flooding event, activate an audible alert signal, send an alarm text message, and automatically shut off the leak to make the place completely safe.

In the event of an electrical overload, the sockets protect both the connected loads from the risk of short-circuit and overload, and persons from contact with live parts.

Vimar sensori di rilevamento allarmi domotici

Transponder reader

The transponder reader allowa access to the premises only by cleared personnel: simply move the transponder card near to the reader and identification is istantaneous.


Video surveillance

Designed to respond specifically to precise needs, Elvox video door entry systems offer advanced functions and making everyday life safer.

Elvox video door entry systems with IP technology offer a wide range of products, from entrance panels to indoor stations. All developed with the usual attention to design. The products with IP technology cover all functional and installation needs.

Vimar telecamere per videosorveglianza

By-alarm integration

Stand-alone and expandable with a wide range of devices, the system can also be integrated into By-me home automation, for continuous, diffused and intelligent control.

The burglar alarm system can be configured using the intuitive By-alarm Manager software or quickly and easily using the keypad.


Energy Efficiency

With By-me no energy is wasted: the control is constant, the power distribution is intelligent and the savings are significant.

The "Energy Guard” functions monitors consumption in real time, assuring prompt information on the energy usage. The touch screen records precise information on consumption, both instantaneously and for a given time frame, and displays consumption logs to assure more aware energy use.

Vimar efficienza energetica per l'impianto domotico

Touch screen for power consumption monitoring.

Enables you to check the power consumptions of all household devices. Where necessary you can manually force a disconnection priority.

Vimar domotica gestione ed ottimizzazione dell'energia

Radio Frequency

Radio frequency commands EnOcean and ZigBee extend the system to all those areas where it is not possible to intervene under architectural constraints.

Easy to install on glass, glass or wall, it takes advantage of the convenience of the batteries without the need for replacement and disposal of the batteries.

Vimar comando senza fili radiofrequenza zigbee Eikon


Four aesthetic dimensions

Elegance, excellence, value: there’s no such thing as a single idea of luxury. Luxury is a dimension with many interpretations, all in constant evolution. And if we’re talking about energy, this dimension is Eikon. Every concept of luxury finds its perfect expression in Eikon: technological, chic, sophisticated, essential.

Four product lines with different dimensions, finishing and functions, but sharing one common denominator: controlling energy superlatively

Vimar placche Eikon Evo Eikon Tactil


Lives in your time

Two different shapes and coloured buttons, modularity and freedom to customise: Arké responds to any installation and beauty demand. Lots of different devices: rocker, axial, infrared, all with the technological precision guaranteed by Vimar.

Made of modern and high quality materials, right down to the finest detail, produced using ecofriendly treatments, co-moulding with excellent finish and anti-wear paints.

Vimar placche Arke


Sublime essentiality

Rigorous design, elegant appearance, sophisticated details. Plana becomes a natural part of your home and your daily life. The result of an intelligent technology with intuitive controls to manage lights, temperature, comfort and safety devices. With a minimalist appearance, modern materials and bright colours - ice, shiny or classic, to suit any style.

Vimar placche Plana

Devices preconfigured for a basic home automation

Intelligent solutions that can enhance your home.

The traditional system can evolve into a home automation one. The most requested scenarios, rolling shutter controls and lights are all within reach.